Household Hazardous Waste

What Is Household Hazardous Waste?

Household hazardous waste are items in your home which are flammable, corrosive, toxic, or could explode under the certain conditions, and therefore can’t just be disposed of with your regular trash. Examples are paint, cleaners, oils, batteries, and pesticides. 

Why is it important to dispose of household hazardous wastes properly?
If you flush household hazardous waste down the toilet, it will be pumped into the river. Sewage treatment plants are not made to remove hazardous waste from water. As a result, water leaving the sewage treatment plant and returning to the river will still contain hazardous waste.

If you put hazardous waste down the storm drain, you are essentially pouring it in the river. Storm drains lead to the river, so whatever goes down a storm drain eventually enters the river. It is extremely important to never put anything down a storm drain. Remember- only rain down the storm drain.

​Lastly, if you throw hazardous waste in your regular trashcan, it could leak out of landfills contaminating the land and eventually polluting rivers and streams.

Household hazardous wastes can have huge negative impacts on the environment, so it is important to dispose of them safely and properly.

Common Households Hazardous Wastes and How to Dispose of Them

To dispose of unwanted paint, gradually add kitty litter and stir until all the paint is dried up. Then, throw the paint in your regular trash.

You can take old oil to local auto parts stores. These places will normally dispose of oil for you. 

Old medicine can be brought to a drop off box. There is one at St. Rita’s Emergency Room and one at the Sheriff’s Office. 

North Central Solid Waste District

The North Central Ohio Solid Waste District’s Lima Office is at 815 Shawnee Road, Unit D, Lima, Ohio 45805. They accept several different household hazardous waste items, including gasoline, antifreeze, waste oil, fertilizer, paint, and lead acid batteries. Before dropping items off, you need to call 419-228-8278 to schedule a drop off appointment, and you will be charged $1 per pound of hazardous waste. View the North Central Ohio Solid Waste District brochure for more information.

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