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Fun Activities For You And Your Children

Activity – Freddie the Fish– Complete this activity to see where pollution comes from and how it affects wildlife.

Craft Activity – Cereal Box Aquarium– Create a healthy environment for your paper fish, with this fun craft.

New Word – Stormwater Runoff –  After it rains, water travels over the ground to local bodies of water, like streams and rivers. If there are loose items on the ground, such as fertilizer, weed-killer, pet waste, trash, leaves, and oil, the water will pick these items up and carry them to the river. These items are very harmful to our water. By keeping these things off the ground, we can help keep our streams and rivers healthy!

Fun Fact – Storm drains are connected to the river. Anything entering storm drains will end up in the river, so remember – Only rain down the storm drain!

Papier-Mâché Bugs – Insects are very important to the ecosystem. They can be the primary  food source for other animals. They are also very important to healthy soil.

Soil is a Filter – Carry out an experiment to see how well soil can filter water.

Soil Erosion – Through this experiment, see if plants can really help reduce soil erosion. Soil erosion is the movement of soil pieces from one place to another. One of the main causes of soil erosion is water. It’s a problem because it causes the loss of our precious top soil, and it can harm plants and animals in local streams. 

Soda Bottle Greenhouse – Grow real plants inside of a plastic soda bottle!

​Fun Fact – It takes at least 100 years to make 1 inch of topsoil!   

​Crystal Tree – Grow a crystal tree, and observe how plants take up water and nutrients from the soil through a process called capillary action. 

Pine Cone Bird Feeder– Make this bird feeder for birds living in the trees in your backyard!

Fun Fact  Trees can filter or remove harmful materials from the air we breath!

Pop Bottle Fish– Instead of throwing away your pop bottles, use them to make this fun decoration.

Fun Fact – Over 90% of the pollution that reaches our streams is non-point source pollution.

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If you received a tree seedling this year watch the “Me and My Tree” video. “Me and My Tree” helps all recipients of tree seedlings understand the benefits of trees in our community and planting considerations.

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