Pet Waste

Properly Dispose Of Pet Waste

Leaving pet waste lying in your yard or street is more than just a nuisance to neighbors who may accidentally step in it. Pet waste is actually harmful to the environment and particularly our streams and rivers. The organic matter in pet waste robs oxygen from streams as it decomposes. Pet waste also contains nutrients that speed up the growth of algae, and it is full of harmful bacteria and viruses. For all these reasons, it is important for pet owners to pick up after their pets and not leave pet waste where it can enter storm drains and be carried to streams.

Ways to Dispose of Pet Waste

Trash- You can place pet waste, bagged or not, in your regular trash receptacle. Never dispose of it in a storm drain.

Bury- You can bury pet waste as long as it is at least 5 inches below the surface and not in a bag. You can also compost pet waste, but be sure to follow strict compost guidelines to protect yourself and others from associated bacterial risks.

Flush- You can flush pet waste down the toilet. Be sure that it is not bagged and never flush the entire contents of a kitty litter tray.

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